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Darby - 16 - Junior - TJHS - 253/206 - West Coast - Opinionated - S/O to my besties Sophia and Dakota - Team Gold IPhone - Starbucks Lover -
Just living life to the fullest


true friends don’t judge each other

they judge other people


  • Always say yes to seeing friends
  • Eat breakfast every day
  • Recognize that positive change rarely happens overnight
  • Accept the fuck-ups, but try not to let them happen again
  • There is a song to remedy every situation on the planet
  • Appreciate the people in your life
  • Look for the good in everything
  • Try new things and try them often
  • Treat yourself as well as you treat others


I need constant attention like if I’m not talking to someone 24/7 I start to die

Do u ever just go online because you have no life


walking into class on the day of the test like 


there are many tomorrows, but only one today.


my mom told me i can’t reblog from you anymore